Caladuril, Flame of Light

Hints and Tips



Two sections are presented. The first is a list of hints arranged in order of storyline. If you get stuck, scan down this list until you see the first thing that helps you get unstuck. Use your browser's scroll bars carefully, to avoid seeing further hints that might spoil the game for you. The second section is a full walkthrough. It presents a step-by-step solution for the entire game, including all the extras thrown in for fun.

The hints are given in natural english language. It is left up to you to convert these into the shorthand actions of the game.


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At the Start

Head South and find the tree that's closest to the river's edge called the Tall Oak.

Climb Oak.

Tie the rope to the bucket.

Lower the bucket from the branch that's over the water.

Douse the fire.

Unroll the bridge. (You'll need the Lever.)

Jump the gap.

Unlock the chest.

Spray the bug.

Climb the creeper.


Beyond the Twin Trees.

Go South to the Fortress Door and enter it.

Go down the hole.

The torch can be lit with the Tinder Box.

 Use the lit torch to get past the green slime.

The bridge needs to be secured before you can cross it.

To make the rope swing over to you, burn through it.

To burn through the rope, fill the trough with oil and light it.

Use the hammer to hit the pins that hold the bridge together.

Be sure to take the salt over the bridge with you.

Salt melts ice.

The Heavy Iron Door does melt when you pour the acid on it, but this does not mean that that's what you're supposed to do. Look very carefully just above the Heavy Iron Door.

You may pass directly through the illusory rock just above the Heavy Iron Door.

Be sure to unlock the granite door with the granite key before you use the brass key on the gate.

You must be carrying the amulet to get beyond the knives that slice you near where you came in.


Back in the Fortress

Your new strength will enable you to open the door.

You are on your own for the arrow maze section.

Persevere, and use SAVE often.


Beyond the Fortress

Use the boat

Enter the Obsidian Door


Within the Castle of Silmnoleh

Look at the Gargoyle.

Use the eye as a lens to cut the rope.

Use the tail to raise the grate.

Tie the rope to the hook and climb rope.

Drop the wooden shield near the deep chasm.

Turn the switch before you disable the generator.

Pour the sugar into the generator to disable it.

Put the iron shield in the acid.

Use the gloves to get the glass key out of the acid.

Smash the table with the hammer to get planks to cross the chasm.

Use the pouch to retain the white powder into which the glass hatch disintegrates.

If you are holding the feather, you may fall harmlessly down the chasm.

Take the Lever, the Pouch of powder and the Grate with you through the teleport maze.

Turn the valves with the lever.

Touch the triangle.

Refer to the walk-through if you need help crossing the electrified chessboard.

Of the three doors that the key opens, open only the top and bottom ones.

Put the sign on the projecting rock opposite the guard, and he will scoot over to watch the corner.

You may now take the sign that says no admittance, and the guard will let you pass.

Since you can't take anything through the crack, put the boot protector on the conveyor belt.

Put the grate between the posts, which will filter the dirty robe out from within the amoeba.

You must be wearing a clean white robe to pass through the room with all the clean white guards in it.

Use the powder from the glass hatch and the washing machine to wash the dirty robe clean.

Remove your robe before you take the magnet through the nearby cavern, since junk within the balloon will fall and dirty the robe.

Be sure to use the boot protector before you try to take the boots through the room with the boot solvent in it.

You may now walk unscathed across the chessboard, because the boots will insulate you from the electrified floor.


Below the Castle of Silmnoleh

Unravel the sweater.

Tie the wool to the bell.

Tie the wool to the toy.

Hang the bell on the hook.

Wind up the toy and put it down.

Go around and pull the string.

Consign Silmnoleh to the same fate you almost suffered by switching the two swords.

You must be wearing the gloves to handle Morduril.

If you need more help, read the Walk-through.


The Walkthrough

Throughout this section, italics represent the names of objects you will find in the game, and bold characters give the commands as you must execute them at that point.

The story begins amidst the mountains that swaddle Footfall Vale, home of Jarnerend the smith's son. But adventure draws him on:

Game Start

Move South (Down) and a little to the East (Right). The message from Arian Lord of Air will be seen. Continue Southeast. Find the Tall Oak. Climb Oak

On the Tall Oak

Go North. Get Bucket. Go West. Get Rope. Tie the rope to the bucket. Go Southeast to the end of the branch that extends out over the water. Move to the very rightmost and downmost point. Use rope. Visible to the Northwest is the Raging fire. Pour water on fire. Go beyond where the fire was and Get lever. Go East to the Bridge. Use lever. Move East across bridge and Jump gap. Go South and Get key. Jump gap again. Unlock chest. Open chest. Get can. Jump gap again. Spray bug. Drop lever. Climb creeper.

Beyond the Twin Trees (Tall Oak)

Move directly South and a little East to find the Fortress door Look Door. Go Door.

In the Fortress of the Gap of the Gods

Go South. Go Hole.

In the Shrine of Mulromar (the first underground section)

Go a little North and East. Get torch. Go back a little west then all the way North until you see the Heavy iron door. To the East there are two passages leading east and south. Go down the South facing passage and Get salt. Go back out and head North to the bridge. Drop salt near the bridge. To the East of the bridge there are two passages leading east. Follow the lower of the two and find and Get the Flagon and Tinder box. Head back out to the bridge area, and this time take the upper of the two Eastern passages. Move East until you see the Thin rope and the Shallow trough. Pour oil trough. Go back West and South to the Heavy iron door area.

Head East down the passage VERY CAREFULLY until the message "There seems to be a strange greenish tinge to the roof of this tunnel" appears. Light torch. Head east and Get acid. Go with all speed back to the trough and Light oil. The torch should now be dead, and will no longer be needed.

Go a little West to give yourself some room and Drop torch and flagon and box. Go back to the Charred rope. Pull rope. Get hammer. Go back to the bridge. Hammer pins. Drop hammer and acid. Get salt (which you dropped here just recently.) Go West across the bridge. Take the lower passage that leads West beyond the bridge. The wall will collapse behind you. Go around to the North and Pour salt on ice. Get key. Go to the East and Get gem. Now go back across the bridge, but watch out for the rolling rock that will demolish the bridge. Drop pouch. Get acid. Go South to the Heavy iron door.

Walk straight through the false wall above the Heavy iron door. Find the Metal door. Pour acid on door. Go through and Get key (Granite key). Head back out towards the bridge area. Just to the Southeast of the bridge, you should see a vertical bar. This is the Smooth granite door. Unlock door. Go around to the Northeast to the area where you found the Tinder box. Unlock gate. Get amulet. Head Northwest to the Smooth granite door, then Push door. Go through and South to where you first found the Pine torch. Go East into the squarish room. Put gem on pedestal.

Back in the Fortress.

Go North and Open door. Examine the body. Get key. Unlock door. Go through the hole where the Looked door was. The view now changes to a 3D shot of your character on the Fortress bridge. Go all the way Northwest and Go Door.

In the Arrow Maze.

This section requires no tricks, just the co-ordination of an octopus flying a helicopter and playing bagpipes at once. The only useful advice we can give is to Save the game repeatedly (or use the auto-save feature) and to persevere; for it is possible! Once the arrow maze is completed, Go door.

Head West and Go boat

Near the Tomb of Tarin

Go Door. At this point you will have a conversation with Arian again. He will carry you back to the mainland where you must Go arch.

In the Castle of Silmnoleh

Look gargoyle. Get eye and tail. Combine rope eye. Get rope. Tie rope hook. Lift grate with tail. Go rope.

Get wooden shield.

Drop eye and tail and bag. Go all the way south until you see a key. Get key. Press switch (small dot on East wall). Get hammer. Press switch. Go North and West and South down the corridoor to the immediate West. Do not stop, but duck into the space where the large block resides. An arrow will fly past you. You may now continue south past the automatic crossbow. Cut table. Drop Hammer. Move East until the Deep chasm is in your view. Drop Shield. The shield will fall down the chasm. Return to where you picked up the Wooden shield. You will have to do a double back to make the auto-crossbow fire. Just above where you ducked in before is the sensitive spot that sets off the crossbow. Go North until you trigger it, then immediately back South and duck into the wall. After the arrow has passed, go immediately North again before the crossbow can reload. Now that you are back near the Iron shield, go East to the Grey door. Unlock door. Get key and sugar. Unlock the door immediately to the West. Press Switch (black dot on North wall above door). Head down to the generator (where you found the grey key). Look generator. Pour sugar cap. Head back North and go West along the passage just below the Iron shield. Get gloves. Drop keys. Get shield. Go to the room to the east and Put shield pool. Get key (glass key). Go all the way South back to the Deep chasm. Watch out for the auto-crossbow: it will still be active.

Drop gloves. Get plank. Move East until the Deep chasm is visible. Drop plank. You should now be carrying only the Glass key and the Empty pouch. Go plank.

All the way to the East is the Glass hatch. Unlock hatch. Get powder. Pull rope. Go South (down the stairs). Get feather. Go back up the stairs. Jump chasm. Get plank. Drop key. Get Shield. Drop feather. Get lever. You are now protected from the falling rocks by the Wooden shield. Go East and back up the stairs. Move over to the Deep chasm and Drop plank. Drop shield. Cross plank. Head North (back past the auto-crossbow again) and up to where you originally found the shields. Get grate.

At this point, ensure you are carrying the grate, plastic bag, pouch of powder and lever. Now head East and South. Some planks (not the ones you used before) will collapse behind you. Use the map below to traverse this teleport maze.

Drop grate and pouch. Pull rope. Go beyond the block and Turn valve. East and North is another valve. Turn valve. Drop lever. Head South and negotiate a way past the auto-crossbow you find there. At the end of this crossbow-infested passage is a sign hanging on the wall. Time the arrival of the arrow correctly and you may Get sign.

Touch triangle. Cross the electrified chessboard according to the map shown below. (Note that this route is different from that supplied by the parrot. The parrot is lying.)

HINTMAP.jpg (48044 bytes)

Map for teleport maze and electrified chessboard


Touch triangle. Get key. Touch triangle. There are three doors here. Unlock the top and bottom ones. Get protector (behind lowest door). Go along passage behind upper door. Find the Easternmost projecting rock. Put sign rock. There is a sign next to the guard. Get sign. Go down the passage beyond the guard. Drop sign and key. Put protector belt. Press switch. Go crack. Go North and Get powder and grate that you dropped earlier. Go back South and go through the rushing water. Go around South, West and North until you come to a room with a blob moving across it. Avoid the blob. Put grate post. Wait for the grate to filter the Dirty robe out from inside the blob. Go back South to the Washing machine. Put powder machine. Put robe machine. Press button (above the machine). Get robe. Drop pouch.

Now go back past the blob and through the room with all the guards dressed in white. Get magnet. Drop robe. Go through the passage that has rocky walls. The balloon will pop and you will have the Light key. Unlock door (Rubber door). Get boots (Welfingtons). Get the Robe as you go past it. Go all the way back to the protector (the West end of the conveyor belt).

Get protector. Put protector on boots. Go North. Pull rope. Follow the passages all the way around to the first Golden triangle you found just past the second auto-crossbow). Touch triangle. You are teleported to the Chessboard again, but this time you may walk right across it thanks to your rubber boots. Get Caladuril (drum roll please...).

Below Silmnoleh's Castle

Get bell. Go East and Get toy. Get Sweater. Unravel sweater. Tie wool toy. Go around East and North. Get gloves. Go around East to the small hook. Wind toy. Tie wool bell. Hang bell hook. Go around to where you found the gloves. Pull wool. Wait for Silmnoleh to appear to get his dinner. Rush all the way west to where Caladuril is found. Get Caladuril. Go around into Silmnoleh's treasure room (where he was when you came to this area). Get Morduril. Put caladuril hook. Go back to where you found Caladuril and wait. The above section must be completed without getting within line-of-sight of Silmnoleh, and before he comes back from the dumb waiter.

Silmnoleh will now return and mistakenly pick up Caladuril instead of Morduril, and be destroyed by the warring forces of Light and Dark within him. You have now completed Caladuril Flame of Light and are ready for a real challenge: Caladuril 2: Weatherstone's End.



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