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Here are a few adventure game projects currently under way.

Coming Soon:

Caladuril 2: Weatherstone's End

(for WindowsCE hand-held systems and the 3COM Palm III Color)

Caladuril 2 Alpha Edition. Olin wanders strange shores...Caladuril 2 Title ScreenCaladuril 2: Weatherstone's End is the sequel to Caladuril: Flame of Light.

The greater flexibility of the Palm IIIc and typical WindowsCE display systems allows us to move into full-color, higher-resolution graphics.

Caladuril 2 recounts the events of the life of Olin, Jame Tarinson's son and King of Aran. Olin's reign passed peacefully until his 24th year, wherein the normal passage of time and turn of the seasons began to deteiorate and become chaotic. Storms battered Footfal Vale; floods ravaged its people and snows ruined their crops. Olin realizes that someone has tampered with the Laws of the World, and sets out on a mission to God's Isle, where he hopes to plead for divine intervention and the salvation of his people. A storm waylays Olin's ship, and casts him on the shore of an unknown land. All too soon clues to the storm's origin surface, and Olin discovers that the Powerstones, conduits of the Laws, have fallen into the hands of his family's ancient enemy.

(Players do not need to have played Caladuril Flame of Light to enjoy Caladuril 2: Weatherstone's End)

Release expected late 2002. Watch this space for news!

Coming Soon:

The Seventh Link

(For 3COM Palm Pilot systems)

7MAGICS.jpg (34214 bytes)7SHIPS.jpg (24389 bytes)The Seventh Link is a large-scale role-playing adventure set on Elira, a world of high fantasy peopled by the citizens of a medieval culture with a strangely technological past.

Tantalizing hints to the origin of the human population of Elira are found in ancient manuscripts housed deep in castle vaults, but no one from the present era can understand their import. As the adventure unfolds, we come to realize that not only the people, but the very planet itself has a unique and stunning history. The triumphs of the past, however, contain the seeds of the future's doom, and only the most stalwart adventurers can uncover the buried secrets of the planet's birth and prevent its impending destruction.

The Seventh Link is played on a scrolling graphical representation of Elira and other worlds, and its castles, towns, dungeons and forests. Players explore this world and gain in power and experience, acquiring skills and spells and artifacts that will aid them in their singular quest. Struggle against pirates, steal their ship and voyage the sea. Brave the denizens of the deep dungeons: Litches, Demons, Xorns and monsters too hideous to name. Find comrades in the odd towns of Elira and beyond. Unlock the secrets of travel to other worlds, and eventually discover the doom that threatens Elira itself.

Courage, adventurer. You're going to need it...

Release expected late 2002. Watch this space for screen shots and other teasers!

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