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Distant Systems is a collection of programmer/designers creating new worlds via the medium of computer simulation.

Our name reflects our geographical distribution and our chosen mission: We have people and systems in Seattle, WA and Toronto, Ontario, all dedicated to building simulations of new worlds of adventure.

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The FATE 3D Adventure Authoring System

(For 3COM Palm Pilot systems)


FATE is Distant Systems' ongoing efforts toward a 3D design and presentation system focussed on adventure gaming, and presented via our own first-person 3D engine. Users of the FATE system construct these worlds via the FATE World Editor and purpose-built scripting language.

FATE is very, very cool...

More detail available here.

Alpha versions available soon.

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Caladuril, Flame of Light 

(for the 3COM Palm Pilot, and Windows systems)

cal1-1.gif (2620 bytes)cal1-2.gif (2035 bytes)Caladuril, Flame of Light is a challenging puzzle-based adventure game for the 3COM Palm Pilot (all versions). The storyline revolves around the adventures of Jame Tarinson, a simple smith's son who soon discovers his own family's awesome history and embarks on a dangerous quest across and beyond his world. He finds his fate bound up in that of the fabled Shadowsword Caladuril, ancient weapon of a long-dead god.

The adventure is presented as an animated bird's-eye view of Jame's world (as pictured to the right). The player moves Jame around via the stylus, and manipulates items and interacts with other characters via the icons at the bottom of the screen. The puzzle-solving aspects of the adventure are punctuated with first-person art and occasional action sections requiring a very dextrous stylus.

Click on the screen shots for more detail, and free downloadable Release Candidate versions, or

The Ominus Project


The Ominus Project is our first adventure based on the FATE system...


From the planned inaugural speech of Dr. Persephone Chapman, as found in her personal files after the destruction of the Ominus Project and the beginning of the Extrusion Wars...

Einstein's equations describing the large-scale structure of spacetime have some remarkable consequences. Schwarzchild glimpsed some of the possibilities as he scribbled his solutions for a static neutral body amidst the trenches of World War 1. It wasn't, however, until we voyaged out here, beyond the distorting influence of the Earth's gravitation, that the true nature of the geometry of space itself became apparent. Here, within the Ominus Project's deep space platform, we have built an entirely new picture, an understanding of nature that lets us apply titanic energies to an audacious and unbelievable task: projecting a tunnel in spacetime to anywhere else in the Universe. We can extrude our spacetime anywhere, and walk across the Universe as if it were our own living room. The creature you see before you, ladies and gentlemen, was born on a planet in a different galaxy. We brought it here, alive, indeed thriving. If you would all now follow me through the door to your left, we will take you to its home planet. We will show you the gift that the Ominus Project gives all humanity."

Guide Dr Chapman through distant worlds to a discovery of the bizarre secret behind the gravitic extrusion technology, and the keys to the resolution of the impending conflict between humans and the inscrutable and sinister machine race that humans call "the Spiders".


For more on "The Ominus Project", please follow this link to pages describing the FATE 3D Adventure Authoring System.

*** Alpha 1 for Win32 Available Now! ***

Click here for screenshots and downloads

Beta versions available soon.

Click here for more on our other adventure game projects:

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