The Ominus Project

Alpha 1, Win32 Version


The Communication Desk

This is where Dr Chapman sent her last message to Earth


One of these would come in handy... especially considering that most of the station is in hard vacuum!


Note the relaxing fishtank, video game, microwave and toaster.

The Control Room

Another video game? Don't these people ever work?

The Extrusion Chamber

This is where we fold space like taffy. Care to step into the extrusion and see where you come out?

An Alien Sky...

Not where Dr Chapman expected to find herself. Something has gone very wrong...


Quick Instructions

The intro sequence ends at the communication desk. Click and hold on the 3D view to move around. Move the mouse up to go forward, left to turn left, etc. Pick up a suit in the hangar. The suit will display nearby items (as in the "Control Room" screenshot above).. Click on the names in the suit's display panel (at the bottom of the screen) in order to manipulate them. The suit control buttons are, left to right: get/drop, examine, use, combine and break.

Page up/down look up and down. You may also use the arrow keys to move around.


Click here to download the alpha win32 version! This is a ZIP file- you will need to extract the fate.exe and test.f8w files to the same directory. Run the fate.exe program. The program should run on any version of Windows greater than Windows 95.

Known Issues

This alpha version has a number of bugs and issues:

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