Revision History

2003/08/05: Slightly more dishonest predicted dates for projects

2002/7/23: Added Ominus Project alpha 1 Win32 Version

2002/1/30: Added FATE page, moved Caladuril2 and 7th Link to their own page

2001/1/4: Added Caladuril release version 1.0 for Palm. Added links to PalmGear.

2000/11/12: Added Caladuril RC1 for Windows (un-registered version).

2000/7/8: Added 7th Link information.

2000/2/13: Caladuril Palm Pilot III and above Release Candidate 1 Executable Added

1999/12/24: New Caladuril1 Beta Win32 Executable Added (bug fixes)

1999/12/1: First version.





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